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Witchtrap (1989)

Kevin S. Tenney wrote and directed two of my favorite 1980's horror
films "Witchboard" and "Night of the Demons", so I had high
expectations for "Witchtrap". Sadly, I was left disappointed.

The plot concerns a group of psychic ghost hunters who team up with
some skeptical cops to investigate a haunted mansion nick named
"Slaughter House". "Witchtrap" features some of the worst acting I've
ever seen. The acting is more wooden than a coffin. The only
entertaining character is the lead played by James W. Quinn. He has
some pretty funny lines and delivers a solid performance(not hard to do
considering the rest of the cast's lack of talent). Yes, Linnea Quigley
has a small role but she's wasted and killed quickly. However, she does
show off the goods in a nice full frontal shower scene before she is

The soundtrack to Tenney's films are usually pretty solid and
memorable. Not the case with "Witchtrap". Also the gore is minimal and
the kills take place mostly off screen.

"Witchtrap" features an interesting "Notice" screen before the film
begins telling you that "Witchtrap" is NOT a sequel to "Witchboard".
Why this was necessary, I don't know. The guy on the cover of the VHS
box is Malfeitor from "Witchboard" though...and Quinn also starred in
"Witchboard"...ah, screw it, who knows. This notice is also on the back
of the VHS box as well.

"Witchtrap" features death by shower head, "Piggy" from "Night of the
Demons", possession, an exploding head, human meltdowns, and a serial
killer magician.




Mangum Video/92 mins


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