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Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart

"Witchcraft IV" is another lame attempt at erotic horror. This is the last sequel to star series regular Charles Solomon Jr. so I've decided part 4 is a good spot to stop reviewing this crappy movies.


PLOT: Lawyer, and the most boring warlock in movie history, Will Spanner must defend an innocent man accused of killing his virgin girlfriend. The girlfriend's death is one of many in a string of virgin murders. Will finds a matchbook that leads him to a strip club called "The Coven" where he is suspicious of a stripper (Julie Strain-"Mirror Images", "Out for Justice") and her involvement in the murders.


The "Witchcraft" series is one of the lamest series in horror history. Hell, even in the annals of soft-core erotica it's pretty lame. Once again we're treated to terrible acting, inept cinematography, bad lighting, and some shitty dialogue. I would say these movies get worse with each new chapter...but to be honest, they've all been consistently awful.


The gore is non-existent, the suspense is null, and the horror element's are absent. The most terrifying thing you see in the film is a quick shot of a woman lying on a table dead with her chest cut open. And that's the first kill of the movie!!! It's a lame horror flick that's almost not worth watching.


I say "almost not worth watching" because skin fans may be intrigued by B-movie queen Julie Strain's giant tits and her nude scenes. She's the highlight of the film and I assume the majority of people who watch "Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart" are watching it for her. She can't act to save her life but she sure is pretty to look at.


This entry in the franchise has a bit of a detective-noir vibe to it thanks to Will's narration and the film's soundtrack. It helps the film a tad but doesn't keep the turd from sinking to the bottom of the toilet. "The Virgin Heart" is a dud of a film and I'm sure there's better Julie Strain films if you wanna see her in the buff. I'd say for skin fans and gluttons for punishment only!


"Witchcraft IV" features a dumbass falling out of a tree, a forced sex scene with Julie Strain, elevator sex, a dead body in the tomato bushes, a twist involving a reincarnated brother, and a lame ending.





Academy Home Video/92 mins



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