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Trapped Alive-1988


"Trapped Alive" was completed in 1988 and sat on the shelf for 5 years until AIP released it on VHS featuring two models on the cover who do not appear in the film. It's an average B-movie featuring a killer monster.


PLOT: A deputy, some convicts, and 2 teenage girls find themselves trapped in an abandoned mine with a cannibalistic mutant.


"Trapped Alive" (aka "Trapped") is a decent, if not routine, monster slasher. It features some fine exploitation elements including up-skirt panty shots, a sex scene, a forced striptease ("Strip for Daddy"), and the heroine strips down to her bra and panties to battle the monster in the finale for no real reason other than to show off her skin. The monster makeup is kind of sub-par but he spends most of his time in the shadows. He kind of reminded me of a cheesier version of the monster in Tobe Hooper's "Funhouse".


There's a funny scene where one of the girls flashes her tits at a convict and he prematurely ejaculates. There's also a cool scene where one of the convicts shoots a girl after she's been abducted by the monster to save her from being eaten alive. It's these amusing scenes that add a little extra fun to the proceedings.


This is a rather low budget effort but I found it to be watchable and entertaining for the most part. The film has a weird soundtrack and the ending is anti-climatic. The finale also includes a lame twist involving the monster's kin and there's a 5 minute exposition scene towards the end to help explain some of the film's mystery (plot holes).


"Trapped Alive" features a death by pincer, a crushed skull, a character named Randolph Carter (a possible nod to Lovecraft), Cameron Mitchell phones it in as the father of one of the girls, and a steel rod to the throat.










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