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The Summoned-1992

"The Summoned" (also known as "Demon Lover") is a low budget SOV supernatural horror flick with lots of skin...and little scares.


PLOT: Jenny is an abusive marriage to her unfaithful husband. One night she performs a séance with her friends to obtain a dream lover and begins having sex dreams with a mysterious man. Turns out the dream lover is actually an Incubus intent on possession and will kill anyone Jenny dislikes.


"The Summoned" is a micro-budget horror flick that manages to throw enough boobs and bush at you that it keeps you entertained. The gore is cheap and the scares are minimal but T&A fans will find much to enjoy here. The women in the film are attractive and the nudity is frequent. The highlight of the film is probably the masturbation scene. Pretty sure I saw partial pussy during mentioned scene.


Michelle "Demonwarp" Bauer is wasted in one of her more underwhelming roles. She doesn't get nude like you'd expect but you do see a little bit of boob when her heart is ripped out by the Incubus. Sadly, that's also the only semi-gory death in the movie. I tracked "The Summoned" down mainly to get my Michelle Bauer fix but was pleasantly surprised when I read  "Maniac Cop" Robert Z'Dar's name in the opening credits. He's pretty much wasted too in a small role as a police captain. He shows up sporting one of the cheesiest mustaches ever put to celluloid.


The acting is amateurish to put it nicely. The plot isn't original and the death scenes are dull. But I did count 3 separate bushes in the film, so the perverts out there will be pleased. There's an attempted ghost rape, a shower scene, a sex scene, some light bondage, and a striptease.


But what's with the Incubus being an unattractive dude with a beer belly? And what was with all the blood and cooze all over the sheets after the masturbation scene when Jenny was clearly on top of the blankets? There was also a weird, incestuous vibe between the Incubus and his sister (Jenny's neighbor). The Summoned features a lame twist ending and an even lamer end title song. This is a rare flick to find and another I was lucky enough to track down cheap. I suggest checking it out if you like you're horror cheesy and naked.


"The Summoned" features a nice thong shot, a pentagram of fire, a necronomicon ripoff, a stabbing death, and a helpful bartender who can conveniently read a book of black magic.



Tit-O-Meter-5/5 ("We got bush!")



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