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The Outing-1987 AKA The Lamp

"The Outing" is a 1987 supernatural slasher featuring a killer genie (or Djinn) and a decent amount of T&A.


THE PLOT: A trio of thieves break into an old ladies house looking for riches. They murder the old hag and accidently unleash a supernatural force from a lamp. The thieves are slaughtered and the lamp moved to a museum. A group of horny teens break into the museum after hours for an over night outing.


"The Outing" (aka "The Lamp") features an exciting first 10 minutes (including an axe murder, a striptease, and a body torn in half), but what follows is pure boredom. For the next 50 minutes we are introduced to lame high school characters and a whiny bitch whose father works at the museum. The film doesn't get exciting again until the one hour mark when the kids are finally locked inside the museum. When you have almost an hour without anything horrific happening, you'll be tempted to turn it off. But if you hang in there, you'll be pleasantly rewarded for your patience. Cause the last 30 minutes are a hoot!


Once inside the museum, there's nudity galore, an intense rape scene, a death by spear, and one dude gets his head crushed to a pulp and practically twisted off! The practical effects are solid. The gore is well done and there's some cheesy CGI work. You also see what I like to call the unicorn of nudity in an 80's slasher...black boobies! Yes, an ebony woman actually gets naked in an 80's horror movie! Never mind the fact it's a rape scene :-/


The Djinn is pretty hokey looking. Once he does manifest himself, he comes off looking like a giant muppet. He isn't very frightening. But still, the premise of a killer genie is pretty original (this is way before "Wishmaster") and there's tons of good 80's cheese in "The Outing". Some may remember seeing this on USA's Up All Night. For the longest time it was a rarity but has since been released on DVD and Blu Ray. Overall, I'd say the film's opening and final 30 minutes make the "The Outing" a chiller worth recommending.


"The Outing" features death by snakes, 80's bush, cheesy green smoke, a security guard who sings opera, and a locker room throw down.



Tit-O-Meter-5/5 ("we got bush!")


Shout Factory/87mins


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