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The Jitters-1989

"The Jitters" is a rare American hopping Vampire movie directed by John Fasano ("Rock 'N Roll Nightmare").


THE PLOT: Mr. Lee, a shopkeeper in Chinatown, is murdered by a gang and returns as a kyonshee (a zombie vampire) to seek revenge.


"The Jitters" is a horror comedy. But to be honest, it's not really frightening or funny. It's a light hearted supernatural comedy about hopping vampires and silly street gangs. There's also a bit of romance thrown in when it comes to Mr. Lee's daughter and her husband ("Black Roses" Sal Viviano). The film borrow heavily from the film "Mr. Vampire" (1985).


"The Jitters doesn't feature a whole lot of the red stuff. It's an amusing, if not cheap, B-movie that's best watched for campy fun. It could have been rated PG-13. There's a great line of dialogue in the film. After Mr. Lee has returned from the dead, one of the punks in the gang orders his other cohorts to "Kill him...kill him, again!". Supposedly, the gang wants $100,000 hidden somewhere in Mr. Lee's store.


James Hong ("The Vineyard") pops up as a magician who specializes in stopping the kyonshee. John Fasano regular Frank Dietz also pops up as a bearded gangbanger! The sound effects for the hopping vampire sound as if they were borrowed from old cartoons. It's a humorous and laughable touch. The acting is OK but the soundtrack is pretty bland.


"The Jitters" is a rare flick that features more laughs (for some people) than scares. It's a B-movie made on the cheap and at least it's original. Well, original for Americans. But hopping Vampires just aren't that scary. "The Jitters" features a cartoon illustrated opening credits, baseball bat fighting, a blonde biker babe, and awful kung fu fighting.




80 minutes

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