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The Invisible Maniac-1990

An 80's holdover, "The Invisible Maniac" is a run-of-the-mill B-movie about an invisible slasher.


PLOT: The new high school physics professor is voyeuristic creeper who gains the ability to turn invisible. He also happens to be an escaped murderer from a mental institution.


"The Invisible Maniac" is a horror comedy with a decent amount of T&A. The filmmakers try to cover up the lackluster kills and pitiful effects with heaps of nudity. Most of the comedy in the film is unintentional. The film has a slag pacing and consists mainly of "Porky's" style mischief. It's part slasher, part sex-comedy. Yet it isn't overtly scary or funny. The murders don't start piling up until the last 30 minutes, when the professor snaps and begins stripping and killing the students while spouting Freddy Krueger-one liners.


Melissa ("Hard to Die") Moore has a sex scene and pornstar Savannah ("Camp Fear") shows up in a mainstream role. Debra Lamb ("Stripped to Kill 2") provides some additional eye candy. I also enjoyed the nympho principle played by Stephanie Blake. The acting is shit but the film is shot competently enough by Adam Rifkin.


The movie may not be good but the film's poster is one of the cheesiest and coolest posters of all time! There's a death by hoagie sandwich that's memorably bad and a sequel-setup  ending. It's an average skin flick with slasher elements that may be worth a view for T&A fans.


"Invisible Maniac" features a drowning in a fish tank,  an abusive mother, a group shower scene, a shotgun headshot, a retarded janitor, and a fire hose strangulation.




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