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The Dwelling-1993


"The Dwelling" is a super rare supernatural slasher about a satanic cult and stars the always fetching Michelle Bauer.


PLOT: A country boy moves to the city to attend college and rents an apartment from a dickhead landlord (Burt Ward). The country boy befriends an actress (scream queen Michelle Bauer) but begins to hear odd and frightening noises from the supposedly empty room above him. Turns out the empty room is actually being used by a satanic cult for ritualistic murders.


"The Dwelling" is a tough movie to find. I've been searching for the tape for years (being a HUGE Michelle Bauer fan) and finally found a copy at a thrift store for a $1. It's not a great movie by any means, but Bauer fans will find much amusement. The satanic cult theme has already been done to death and the setting of an average apartment complex isn't very appealing. The acting is wooden and almost non-human. There seems to be random scenes spliced into the movie that are never explained. It's an incoherent mess that features several technical problems. Like why did they add a faux widescreen presentation when you can clearly see that 1/3 of the picture is cropped out?


The only reason to watch this obscure and unknown flick is for Michelle Bauer's performance as a possessed demon and her amazing body. She goes topless, has a scene where she gives some guy head, and her ass cheeks hanging out a pair of short shorts. She's also the only decent actress in the whole film. Burt Ward does a credible job...not surprising since he's one of only 2 legit actors in the productions.


"The Dwelling" is an oddity and not a very fun one. It takes too long to get going and it moves at a snail's pace. The last 30 minutes get interesting but it's not exciting enough to make up for the shitty first hour of run time. The gore is absent as well. This is a film for Michelle Bauer fans only...if you can track down a copy.


"The Dwelling" features a dead cat, the lamest knife throw of all time, a body melt, a live performance at a punk concert, and the film has one of the worst crop jobs of all time.







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