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THe Brain (1988)

"The Brain" is a slimy monster movie that features David Gale of "Re-Animator" and Tom Bresnahan of "21 Jump Street" (The episode where Penhall and Hanson body guard for a hot-shot young actor). "The Brain" is an average sci-fi horror flick that offers up little gore but a whole lot of cheese.

Dr. Blakely (David Gale) hosts a T.V. program called "Independent Thinkers", a show that causes viewers to commit suicide and murder. Dr. Blakely is using a giant alien brain to send out brain washing signals via the T.V. A troubled but intelligent high school student, with a penchant for pranks involving sodium and bath rooms, stumbles upon the conspiracy and races against time to stop "Independent Thinkers" from going national...

The film's plot is like a low-budget combination of "Batman Forever", "Videodrome", and "The Brain That Wouldn't Die". The best part of the film is the opening 5 minutes in which a teen girl battles her room as she enters a "rubber reality" type nightmare and the scene ends with her murder-suicide. Second best scene of the film features an apple and a topless scientist...yeah, go figure. Director Ed Hunt (Bloody Birthday) shoots the film like a Canadian television show and the pacing tends to drag in the second half of the movie. The brain monster looks cheap but also scary in a surreal, nightmarish way. The brain is somehow able to fly almost as fast as a car and some of the scenes of the brain speeding around are pretty amusing. The acting is all over the place. David Gale hams it up and the lead, Bresnahan, is likeable and capable for the most part. The gore consists of A-1 sauce and there is only one topless scene...but it's a fun one.

"The Brain" isn't a lost, forgotten classic or anything. But it's a fun little sci-fi monster movie that keeps you entertained for the most part. There is definitely an anti-television theme through out the film and also a message on conformity. There are a lot of plot holes though, like where did the brain come from? And what was Dr. Blakely's ultimate goal? The film can be bought on bootleg dvd-r or you can track down a VHS copy pretty easy on amazon or ebay.


"The Brain" includes decapitation by punch, teddy bears crying tears of blood, a fat henchman, a festive Christmas setting, a cheesy synth score, and divorce by chainsaw!




97 Mins/IVE



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