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the banker-1989

“The Banker” is a mildly amusing psycho thriller featuring an interesting cast and not much blood.


THE PLOT: A millionaire bank investor (Duncan Regehr-Monster Squad) ritualistically hunts down escorts with a laser sighted crossbow. A weary detective (Robert Forster…who else?) must track down the banker before he kills his next intended victim…the detective’s journalist ex-wife!


“The Banker” is a police procedural and a psycho slasher movie. It’s like a poor man’s “American Psycho” meets “Most Dangerous Game”.  “The Banker” is overall mediocre at best but does feature a great cast, some fine dialogue, and a lot of T&A.


Robert Forster and Duncan Regehr are both solid as the leads. Forster never phones in a role and Regehr is dominating as the face painting, South American enthusiast psycho. The supporting cast is excellent as well. There’s Jeff Conway (Grease) as a sleazy pimp named Cowboy and washed up pop singer Leif Garrett as his ponytailed partner. Richard Roundtree (Maniac Cop) plays the Captain (once again) and Porn Star Teri Weigel has a sex scene that opens the film. The eccentric and well-known cast is  enough to make this film a must see. Hell, even the chick that gets topless on the beach with Van Damme in “Cyborg” makes an appearance as an unfortunate call girl!


The film’s plot is clichéd and the film tends to drag whenever The Banker isn’t out hunting or banging call girls. Forster has some great dialogue though. “We found this next to a charbroiled pimp.” “This isn’t a murder kid; it’s a work of art!” And a personal favorite line is when Forster walks in on Conway’s Cowboy turning out a fifteen year old girl, Cowboy asks, “Who the fuck are you?.” To which Forster replies, “I’m her father…naw I’m only kidding. I’m a cop.” The delivery by Forster is hilarious and Conway’s reaction is priceless.


On the negative, the gore is non-existent and most of the kills happen off screen. This horror thriller/slasher hybrid has an anti-climatic ending and too many dull moments with Forster’s ex-wife character to make it a classic. Director William Webb also directed the 80’s thriller “Party Line”.


“The Banker” features a rooftop chase, a car explosion, rose foreplay, 80’s bush, an alley knife fight, and a quiz on the Seven Dwarves!





Virgin Vision/95mins





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