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terror at tenkiller-1986

“Terror at Tenkiller” is a generic, boring, and amateurish slasher.


THE PLOT: Leslie and Janna go on a cabin vacation in the woods to get away from Leslie’s abusive fiancé. But a maniac soon starts killing folks in the area…will the girls survive the terror at Tenkiller Lake?


Man, this movie sucks. “Terror at Tenkiller” is a dull Friday the 13th wannabe that is poorly filmed and amateurishly acted. There is zero suspense and the gore is nonexistent.  The majority of the film consists of boring conversations between the two leads discussing marriage, abuse, and their emotions. The characters aren’t likeable and the narrative is uninteresting. Technically, the film stinks as well. Some scenes are so under lit that it’s impossible to see what’s happening.


Some movies can be terrible but still remain enjoyable to watch…those “so-bad-they’re-good” horror films. But “Terror at Tenkiller” doesn’t feature any of those traits (absurd dialogue, gratuitous nudity, hyper gore) and is instead a dull, lame, and moronic viewing experience. Even slasher enthusiasts may be turned off by this cheap jack slasher. On a positive note, Stacy Logan who plays the final girl Leslie does have a great rack.


“Terror at Tenkiller” features throat slasher, back stabbings, a brief shower scene, obscene phone calls, a red herring, a cheesy jump scare ending, and a town called “Gore”.





United Home Video/87mins



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