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stripped to kill-1987

What a great tagline!!! “Stripped to Kill” is a Roger Corman produced sexploitation slasher/thriller that features TONS of T&A and a Crying Game twist ending.


 THE PLOT: Stripper Roxanne’s girlfriend A.J. is thrown off a bridge and set on fire. Officer Kay Lenz (Death Wish 4: The Crackdown) goes undercover as a new dancer at the seedy strip joint to get information from the girls and hopefully catch the killer.


“Stripped to Kill” is a T&A classic. I’ll admit it, I love this movie. I’ve always had a soft spot for it and I believe it’s a modest little thriller that gets the job the done. What the film lacks in body count and gore, it makes up for with nudity and elaborate strip routines. It’s a low budget T&A flick that gives you the goods but manages to be entertaining even when the screen isn’t filled with breasts.


This is mainly due to solid acting and likeable turns by Lenz and Greg Evigan as her partner Detective Heineman. The two have a nice chemistry and Evigan is pretty badass. The rest of the cast is amateurish and unintentionally hilarious...but they do look good naked. Debbie Nassar as Dazzle is my personal favorite. Also, Norman Fell (Three’s Company) plays the cantankerous strip club owner, which amused me for some reason.


But the horror aspects of “Stripped to Kill” are pretty minimal. Director Katt Shea focuses more on the dancing than the terror. Most of the film plays out like an erotic strip show and the slasher elements seem like an afterthought. The deaths scenes are brutal but there isn’t enough blood letting in the film.


“Stripped to Kill” features a couple slasher trappings like multiple red herrings and the P.O.V. stalk shot. It also features some of the WORST 80’s music I’ve ever heard. But “Stripped to Kill” is entertaining featuring Kay Lenz in a G-string and other hot 80’s chicks stripping. Check it out!


“Stripped to Kill” features pole dancing karate, lesbianism, a Kay Lenz sex scene, death by strangulation, lots of fire, an ass light spotlight, a snake show, and a women’s bathroom that reads “SLUTS”.





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