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Streets of Death-1987

 "Streets of Death" is a mean-spirited shot-on-video thriller/slasher that features some misogynistic elements.

PLOT: 2 killers pick up prostitutes in their van and murder them to make snuff films. A group of tough talking, chain smoking detectives must stop them.


"Streets of Death" is a low budget thriller that features some slasher elements and a little T&A. It isn't a particularly well made or original film but it has a trashy charm about it. Way too much time is spent on terrible dialogue from amateur actors but the film's murders are dark and voyeuristic. There's a sort of bizarre realism to the kills. Plus the aftermath of the kills is pretty disturbing.


The highlight of the film finds a power drill getting shoved a prostitutes ass as she's bound to a kill table. Another decent scene involves a striptease turned deadly. The film has a gritty vibe and features one of those low-tech yet effective scores.


There's a lame love story between two of the detectives and there's too much film wasted on these stupid characters. All the scenes involving the police procedural are painfully dull. "Streets of Death" is a low budget thriller that is okay when you're in the mood for a sleazy cheapy.


"Streets of Death" features cops driving a pinto, a cowboy pimp, an old man's bare ass, the most unsexy striptease I've ever seen, death by strangulation, and a few stabbings.









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