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PLOT: "Splatter...Architects of Fear" is a SOV faux making of documentary focusing on the special effects of a low budget splatter movie about Amazon women fighting Mutants and Zombies in a post nuclear world. We get to see gory deaths from the "film" followed by behind the scenes footage on how the special effects and gags were accomplished.

"Splatter...Architects of Fear" throws enough boobs and blood at you in it's swift 77 minute run time to keep you entertained. It moves at a brisk pace and features a few unique and classic scenes. Like when an Amazon woman fucks a mutant to death, literally fucking his brains out. And a neat bit where an Amazon woman loses her arm and continues to attack her assailant with her nub. The gore effects are mixed. Some are impressive (like the scalping), some are amateurishly bad (the full body cast and eyeball opening). You get to see how a low budget crew does makeup, hairstyling, sculpting, weapon handling and squibs, and of course splatter effects.

There's a weird wrap-around character named "Fang", a deformed mutant who eats rats and reads Fangoria. He hangs out behind the scenes with the cast and crew and makes wisecracks. There's also a narrator who leads us through our journey of "splatter"...asking existentialistic questions about horror and fear.  One negative aspect of "Splatter" is that the film within a film is always filled with smoke. Making it hard to see what the hell is going on half the time. But I'm pretty sure I saw both, butthole and pussy lips, in the film!

"Spatter...Architects of Fear" features throat slashing, severed limbs, chainsaw dismemberment, a machete to the head, entrails being feasted on, cannibalism, and some sick bitch who licks blood of the floor! I'd say check it out if you're interested in practical 80's effects (don't expect Savini type gags though) or if you want to see a woman fuck a mutant to death! Once a VHS rarity, Slasher Video has released the film on DVD.




Slasher Video/77mins


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