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sorority House Massacre II


The 80’s hold over “Sorority House Massacre II” is a far superior slasher than the terrible Halloween-clone original “Sorority House Massacre”…but it’s still a cheesy and cheaply produced b-movie.


THE PLOT: 5 college girls decide to buy and renovate an old house for their sorority…unaware that it’s the location of a notorious massacre where a crazed family man killed his entire family. The girls find a Ouija Board in the basement and decide to hold a séance. They soon find themselves being stalked and killed one by one…


“Sorority House Massacre II” is a more entertaining film than the original. There’s enough nudity in the flick to keep you watching and the last half of the film is pretty action packed. All the actresses in the movie were definitely cast for their bra sizes, not their acting talent. These chicks look more like 80’s pornstars than college students. “Sorority House Massacre” may have the most cleavage I’ve ever seen in a horror film. The film features shower scenes, a random trip to a strip club, a lingerie séance, an impromptu wet t-shirt contest in the rain…there’s plenty of T&A. But the film lacks suspense, terror, and gore. Most of the kills take place off screen and on some occasions you can actually see the effects guy squirting the bottle of blood on the walls.


“Sorority House Massacre II” is sloppy filmmaking…but director Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall, Not of This Earth remake) does have a knack for showing the skin. The editing is awful, the effects are amateurish, and the acting is abysmal. Another sloppy move by the filmmakers is that they recycle footage from “Slumber Party Massacre” as flashback footage. Supposedly, this film was shot as “Nighty Nightmare” and producer/distributor Roger Corman decided to make it a sequel to his video hit “Sorority House Massacre”…even though it has nothing to do with the original. Couldn’t they have called it “Slumber Party Massacre 4”? There’s also a pointless sub-plot involving 2 cops that seems like it belongs in a totally different movie.


“Sorority House Massacre” only has a 77 minute runtime and takes a little too long to get going…but once the girls start showering and dying the film really picks up steam for the last 30 minutes. It’s hard to knock a movie that gives you exactly what you would want from a movie called “Sorority House Massacre II”…hot college chicks with big fake boobs showering, striping, and running for their lives in lingerie from a deranged killer. The film has major boobage and is WAY more fun than the original. It’s still near the bottom on the slasher totem…but Michelle Verran’s freakish boobs and Robyn Harris’ decent performance help keep this thing from being a total turd.


“Sororoity House Massacre II” features bush, a bear trap, a possessed killer, a red herring, a strip club full of bikers, death by shotguns, and lots of boobs.







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