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Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell-1990

“Sorority Girls and The Creature From Hell” is a supernatural slasher that features bizarre audio dubbing and is one of the most boring horror flicks I’ve seen.


PLOT: A group of sorority sisters take some guys to a cabin where an archeologist gets turned into a monster thanks to a talking cave. One by one the vacationers are killed in mundane ways. There’s also a prison escapee running around the woods.


Great title…terrible movie. This is one boring flick. The first 30 minutes of the film come off as padding and it involves a pointless prison escape and the same actress getting nude in different scenes. Once the killing does start there is no gore and the monster is laughably unfrightening. This is a low-budget affair and sometimes these movies can be so bad they’re good…but this is not the case with “Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell”. It’s just so bad it’s boring.


There is some nudity but not enough to warrant a viewing for skin fans. The film is so badly lit that it is hard to see what is happening during the night scenes. Plus there was a scene in a bar that was so overly lit with red backlight that it completely blinded the camera from picking up the huge rack on the stripper dancing on the bar. But technically the shittiest thing about “Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell” is the odd dubbing. The majority of the film seems to have been filmed without audio so the entire dialogue was recorded in post…resulting in some odd conversations and dialogue. My favorite being a woman making this claim before entering a hot tub. “I probably shouldn’t say this…but water turns me on!”


The characters are all unlikeable and the plot never really follows a lead character. They’re all just kind of there and interchangeable. And the prison break at the start of the film adds nothing to the film at all. Like, zero. I was thinking maybe the convict would show up at the end and fight the monster or the escapee would be a red herring…but nope. That sub-plot literally goes nowhere with the escapee just getting into a bus at the end of the movie and driving off. That’s it.


“Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell” features topless hot tubbing, a tiki wall that talks, bad monster makeup, a guy beating up his passed out drunk friend for no reason, an almost orgy, and a really anti-climatic finale.





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