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Silent Madness is a standard slasher that had the unique appeal of being released in 3-D. The film has since become a forgotten slasher and has wallowed in anonymity. The film is as average as slashers get but it isn't without it's merits.

PLOT: A mental hospital releases the wrong patient due to a computer glitch. It just so happens to be a convicted serial murderer who slayed a group of sorority sisters. A female doctor tries to convince the hospital staff and town sheriff of the danger and sets about trying to track down the lunatic. The madman eventually makes his way back to the college and begins offing the same sorority house's girl.

Silent Madness is a slasher I heard about for a while and the poster always stuck out to me. I even had it recommended to me on a occasion by fellow horror fans. So I finally checked it out and can admit that it's a decent enough slasher. It isn't a lost gem or an underrated flick...but it's put together nicely and does a serviceable job creating some tense moments. The biggest disappointment is the kills. There's some nice inventive kills (like one chick who gets a weight tied around her neck before the killer tosses it out the window) but there is no gore. A lot of the kills seem like they are building up to something gory and gross but the scene just ends. Now I have seen both versions of the movie...the uncut version and the edited version. Neither cut features any gore. The only real difference is a knife wound in a woman's back and a drill to the skull death (which is pretty cool, I will admit). This is a low-budget flick so maybe they couldn't afford good special effects but the film would have benefited from some blood and guts. The attack scenes themselves are pretty brutal, fast paced, and realistic. It's a shame they aren't punctuated with good gore.

The killer reminded me of Uncle Fester or a dude you'd see pumping your gas at the local Arco. He isn't that memorable or creepy. The lead actress who plays the doctor does a fine job but she spends too much of the film dealing with hospital politics. The film drags badly in the middle and the flicks ending features a pretty lame twist. There's also these two dickhead nurses who are trying to cover their tracks.

Silent Madness does feature some goofy kills that look awkward thanks to the 3D aspect. Like the first couple that get killed in a van. The killer throws a hatchet and it must be the cheesiest looking hatchet of all time. The soundtrack is forgettable and the acting in general is fine. It's a slasher that is well-made and has that early 80's grit to it. I prefer the more cheesy slashers from the later half of the decade...but Silent Madness is decent enough.



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