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Scream Dream-1989

"Scream Dream" is a shitty SOV supernatural slasher from hack director Donald Farmer ("Cannibal Hookers") and starring the bodacious Melissa Moore ("Hard to Die").


THE PLOT: A demon witch named Michelle Shock is the lead singer of a metal band called Shell Shock. She is fired from the band and than killed by her boyfriend/guitarist. Michelle uses her demonic powers to possess her replacement (Melissa Moore) and gain revenge.


"Scream Dream" is a bad movie made by bad filmmakers. It features terrible music, terrible acting, and amateur special effects. The film has so many short comings, both technically and narratively, that it's a real stinker to sit through. I was hoping that even if the movie sucked and lacked scares, that at least it'd have some cheesy 80's rock metal. Unfortunately, I was let down. I couldn't even make out the lyrics to the song due to the poor audio.


Melissa Moore is a horror hottie and is well known for her B-movie roles. You get to see her topless a couple times in "Scream Dream" and she has as a sex scene. There's an odd opening which involves a woman being chain-sawed through her crotch from under her bed while she's stripped topless by monster hands. It has nothing to do with the rest of the movie and is never mentioned or explained. And ironically, that's the image on the cover of the VHS box. It was obviously shot for some gratuitous T&A and to pad out the meager run time of 69 minutes.


There's a funny scene where Michelle gives a fan head and the camera focuses on the fan's face as he is pleasured. The shot lasts for a good minute until he gets he dick bit off (off-camera). It's a terribly shot and edited scene that had me laughing out loud. This movie actually eats dick...literally! Cause there are 2 scenes in which a man's dick gets bitten off! They seriously couldn't come up with another creative or shocking death? "Let's just do the same thing twice cause we're lazy".


The plot could have been cool (a murderous metal singer who writes satanic lyrics and uses witchcraft seeks revenge) but is disappointing due to it's miniscule budget and partially retarded director. The gore is limited and unconvincing. There's also a stupid puppet creature that roams around in the movie attacking people. The movie is a real turd. And the DVD release is one of the worst transfers imaginable. Was it mastered off of the worst VHS copy they could find?


"Scream Dream" features 80's bush, footage from previous Donald Farmer movies, a guy with really funny "guitar face", a slit throat, a severed hand come alive, and a heart gets cut out.






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