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“Satan’s Princess” was shot in 1989 and released in 1990. Its supernatural horror meets crime thriller with a decent budget and starring the legendary Robert Forster (Vigilante)!


THE PLOT: Lou Cherney (Forster), a retired detective with a bum leg and a retarded son, tracks a missing girl to a modeling agency…where she happens to be the lesbian lover of the agency’s owner Nicole St. James (Lydie Denier). A trail of death and demonic possession soon follows as Cherney uncovers that St. James is actually a cursed succubus…a demon who has killed over a 1,000 men!


“Satan’s Princess” is a competently made and mildly entertaining crime thriller with a supernatural twist. It plays out like a detective mystery crossed with a possession film. There’s plenty of sleaze and exploitation to the proceedings. You get a lesbian sex scene, a topless woman swallowing fire, a Robert Forster sex scene where he talks dirty and spanks, and a poor bimbo gets her tit cut off. The film is pretty consistent until the last 30 minutes when it goes over the top and spreads the cheese on thick.

Forster elevates anything he’s in and the guy never phone’s in a performance. He lends the film some much needed credibility and talent…but can’t quite make up for the woefully inept Denier. Her acting towards the end of the film makes her lack of skill painfully obvious. She’s decent looking but I’d think Satan’s little Princess would be a bit more seductive and attractive.


The gore is minimal and the deaths range from realistic slasher murders to the supernatural. A cop gets strangled, a woman gets blown out of her apartment window, and Satan’s Princess gets torched with a flamethrower. The film’s finale is pretty anti-climatic and ends with a demon trying to escape in a booby trapped car…The film also features one of the cheesiest songs I’ve ever heard! Something about “Dreams turning into nightmares”! But the film’s instrumental theme song is melancholically beautiful.

Overall, “Satan’s Princess” is a mixed bag. It’s got a fine lead actor, lots of skin, a pedestrian plot, some WTF moments, and little gore. It’s worth a viewing.


“Satan’s Princess” features death by hit and run, slashed throats, a swirly, 80’s bush, bar fights, alcoholism, and a demon that looks like the alien in Predator!





Paramount Home Video/90mins




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