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Satan's mistress-1982

"Satan's Mistress" (aka "Demon Rage" aka "Fury of the Succubus") has a completely different, and hilarious, title during the opening credits. It's called "Demon Seed". An appropriate title due to the film's bizarre plot involving ghost/demon/Satan sex. The opening credits also feature a weird text scroll that informs the audience how a person's loneliness can be a direct link to the supernatural as well as claiming to be based on a true story.

The plot: Lisa (Bond girl Lana Wood) is an unhappy wife in a dull marriage who finds sexual fulfillment with a ghostly entity. But the ghostly entity turns out to be Satan...and he wants to be with Lisa for eternity...

"Satan's Mistress" is more of a soft-core porno than a horror film. Lana Wood gets nude a lot. In the opening scene she is running away from Satan on the beach and her giant breasts keep popping out of her nightgown. I knew right away I was in for a skin flick classic. Wood spends most of the film having orgasms into the camera and unleashing her massive breasts. The nude/sex scenes are the highlight of the film. There isn't a lot of gore or death in this sexploitation picture. Although, one guy does get his head cut off by a guillotine towards the ends of the film (why there's a guillotine in the basement is anyone's guess).


Most of the film plays like a haunted house picture. Statues cry blood, glass breaks, rocking chairs rock by themselves, a pair of ghostly eyes appear on the ceiling. It's all done rather well for a film made in 1982 but it's not exactly scary or original. At one point a purple blob, that's suppose to be a ghost or entity, comes through a window and starts a light show before having intercourse with Lisa. It's pretty cheesy. Lisa's psychic friend can sense the evil in the home and it turns out Satan wants to possess Lisa's teenage daughter for some reason.

 The film is shot rather competently and the acting is pretty decent all around. But the film features a headache inducing electro-synth score and way too many shots of the ocean and wind chimes. It is entertaining though and features a pretty interesting concept. I'm probably giving the film too much credit, but the film does offer an interesting take on how sex can effect a marriage and puts a new twist on infidelity .


"Satan's Mistress" features a demonic cat, dry humping the sheets, a shower scene, 80's bush, a scolding hot tub, a fire show finale, and the bloodiest cat scratch EVER!



Tit-O-Meter-5/5 (YUP! 5!)


Vision Video/98mins


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