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Rush week-1989

"Rush Week" was filmed and released on video cassette and laserdisc in 1989. IMDb seems to list the film as being released in 1991 even though on the back of my VHS copy it's clearly copyrighted for 1989 (?).


Plot: A killer, who wears an old man mask and wields a dual blade axe, is murdering skanky co-eds on a campus during rush week. Toni, an ambitious student reporter, begins to investigate the disappearances...will she discover the killer's identity? Or be his next victim?

Any film that opens up with Kathleen Kinmont stripping and unleashing her giant breasts is going to be worth a watch! "Rush Week" is a combination of "Porky's" and "Friday The 13th". Most of the film's run time is spent on frat humor and fart jokes. The horror aspect of "Rush Week" feels like an afterthought. There is no suspense and there is hardly any gore (the first 3 kills are off screen). The film almost plays better as a late 80's frat comedy than a slasher. Ironically, not one member of the frat dies...even the pledge Dominick Brascia survives. And he got killed because of a candy bar in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning!

The only positive thing "Rush Week" has going for it is the T&A. The killer likes his victims to pose nude with corpses for cash before he kills them, so there's quite a bit of nudity. The opening features Kathleen Kinmont (Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers, Lorenzo Lamas' ex-wife) performing a striptease photo shoot before being stalked and axed.

The acting in "Rush Week" is pretty solid and benefits from having a decent budget. The film is shot and edited competently and entertains you enough to distract you from how lame the kills are. The film isn't that fun or imaginative but there's worse ways to pass the time.

One of the highlights in "Rush Week" is that the legendary punk band The Dickies perform the song "Booby Trap" at the frat's Halloween "fright night ceremony". Another highlight is the extremely odd cameo by Gregg Allman as a stoner, hippy, student advisor (?) who likes to meditate with topless women. Hell, even Freddy Krueger makes a cameo.

"Rush Week" features a severed finger in spaghetti, tarantulas, a boiler room showdown, a decapitation, cadaver foreplay, school bus mooning, and a peeping Pluto from "The Hills Have Eyes".

Gore Score-0/5


RCA/Columbia Home Video/96mins






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