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rest in pieces-1987

The plot: Helen inherits a Spanish estate from her deceased eccentric aunt. Soon after Helen and her husband move in, macabre and ghostly things begin to happen in the home. And the neighbors began acting strange...and murderous.

"Rest in Pieces" features a classic title and a cool cover...but everything else about the film stinks. It's more of a mystery thriller than a horror film, really. The film does feature a couple effective scenes early on, like the opening scare when the deceased aunt jolts up out of her coffin due to "chemical reflexes". And a scene where Helen almost drowns in the bath tub is intense and generates suspense. Unfortunately though, the rest of the film plays out like a z-grade version of "Dead & Buried" (1981). There is very little gore and very few kills. And for the poltergeist activity, you get lights that flicker, cars that turn on by themselves, prank phone calls, and clothes that rearrange themselves in the closet.

The film involves a mental institution and a mass suicide. Turns out the neighbors are zombies...or ghosts...honestly, I couldn't tell what the hell was going on. The neighbors kill a string quartet then burn the remains in the kitchen oven. Turns out they need to murder to stay alive. Also, Helen's aunt wants Helen to kill herself and become a ghost so they can be together. There's also a sub-plot about $8 million in cash hidden in the house somewhere. I mean, this film was trying to do a lot with very little...and it shows.

Lorin Jean is pretty hot in this. Her acting is below average but she makes up for it by going nude...a lot. The actors who played the neighbors all did a fine job. "Rest in Pieces" just isn't a scary or entertaining film. Technically, the film isn't that bad. It just never seems to focus on what it wants to be...a haunted house film, a zombie film, a slasher...instead it's a grab bag.


"Rest in Pieces" features a blind man with a cane sword, forced skinny dipping, a ghost piano player, a slow motion sex scene, and a razor blade to the throat.





Avid Home Entertainment/90mins



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