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 "Possession" has a pretty misleading title. There are no demons, no possessions, and the psycho killer isn't supernatural. Instead, "Possession" is a sleazy, low budget slasher flick that plays out like "Friday the 13th" meets "Psycho". The result is a cheesy yet entertaining 90 minutes.

Frankie is a serial killer who lives in a mansion with his overbearing mother where he keeps corpses in his closet. One night Frankie abducts Madeline from a parking garage but Madeline escapes and Frankie kills his own mother out of rage. Later that night, Madeline and her sorority sisters get into a car chase with Frankie but Frankie gets gunned down by police after trying to escape in a row boat. He is assumed dead but soon returns to the sorority house to get his revenge. Eventually tracking Madeline down to a cabin out in the woods...


"Possession" has a certain goofy charm about it. Like when mother's tombstone simply reads "R.I.P. MOTHER" or how Frankie's rowboat explodes into fire after being shot at by police. There's a lot of unintentional humor in the film. After the police tell the sorority girls that the cops won't be able to do anything about the psycho, the girls decide to hop in their car and track him down themselves. "Possession" takes all logic and throws it right out the window. Instead of running outside, a woman runs up the stairs and climbs back into a tub of water so that the killer can drown her in it. The victims in this film are some of the stupidest characters to ever be put on celluloid.

John Johnston plays Frankie and it's one of the weirdest performances I've ever witnessed. His acting was a perfect blend of amateurism, retardation, enthusiasm, and genuine creepiness. He dawns war paint and likes to talk to his dead mother. The acting is pretty bad all around though. Most of the actors in "Possession" never worked again, so it was amateur hour when it came to casting. The film pads the 92 minute run time with long shower scenes (there's 2 shower scenes and a bathing scene) and lots of footage of males strippers shaking their asses in G-strings. Yeah, I forgot to mention that there's a detour to a male strip club at one point in the film.

The gore is pretty standard. There goriest kill is probably the shower scene in which Frankie slashes a women's neck. Other than that, most of the kills aren't very bloody or inventive. There's a nice impactful death by screw driver though. Overall, I'd say it's worth watching. "Possession" has a few unintentionally funny moments and the T&A is pretty solid.

"Possession" features peeping pizza men, death by musket, neck snapping, 80's bush, death by fire poker, male strippers, and one hell of a monster wedgie.








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