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Posed for murder (1989)

"Posed For Murder" came at the end of the 80's, a time when the slasher craze was dying down. Almost everything about "Posed For Murder" was cliché at the time of its release. A killer who breathes heavy as he spies on the final girl...P.O.V. style. Prank phone calls in the middle of the night. Red herrings around every corner. The presence of useless authority. "Posed For Murder" is a by-the-book slasher flick that featured a pretty neat VHS cover and a well-endowed ex-playmate of the month, Charlotte Helmkamp.

"Posed For Murder" stars Charlotte (Frankenhooker) Helmkamp as Laura, a struggling actress who returns to nude modeling in order to help her sick mother (yeah...who wouldn't?). Soon after Laura's return to the centerfold, a crazed stalker starts killing off all of the men who get close to her. Could the stalker be her recently paroled ex-boyfriend? Could it be the creepy janitor who has pictures of her beaver tapped to his walls? Or could just be an obsessed, psychotic fan?

"Posed For Murder" is a decent, if not routine, slasher flick. The gore is minimal, the acting is atrocious, and the soundtrack consist of 80's rock music with such titles as "Obsessed" and "Pure Murder". I thought at first that Laura's weight lifting boyfriend was Kane Hodder...but it turned out to just be a look a like. What the film lacks in gore and originality, it makes up for with topless scenes of 80's hottie Charlotte Helmkamp. She even has a pretty cheesy sex scene, featuring slow motion and set to a soft rock ballad.

There's some pretty unintentionally funny scenes set at an acting school and in a film producer's office. The film within a film that Laura is trying to get cast in is called "Meat Cleavers From Mars"...which would probably be a more entertaining watch than this film was. I was expecting a twist with the ex-boyfriend (similar to "The Drifter") but instead was treated to an even weaker "twist ending".

In the end, "Posed For Murder" is a below-average slasher, that wasted a pretty good premise. But Charlotte Helmkamp's breasts are probably some of the best T&A you'll find in an 80's horror flick and might be enough to warrant a viewing. You can find it online on DVD or VHS.

"Posed For Murder" features rad mullets, death by pasta (?), garbage disposal dismemberment, good Samaritans, shotgun action, and a workout montages.



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