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Party Line-1988

 "Party Line" is a erotic slasher meets police procedural that features some T&A and an interesting gimmick.


THE PLOT: A psychotic brother and sister (Leif Garrett and Greta Blackburn) lure men and woman to their death using the adult party line. Two detectives must team up to stop the killer siblings.


"Party Line" is a decent enough thriller. It features some OK acting and the party line aspect of the film is actually pretty amusing. There isn't a whole lot of bloodletting but a fair amount of skin is on display. Greta Blackburn is hot as the temptress sister and the late great Karen Mayo-Chandler ("Hard to Die") pops up as "Sugar Lips" and pops her titties out.


Technically, "Party Line" is average. There's visible boom mics and the editing is choppy. The director William ("The Banker") Webb is a capable enough director but the film features too many dull scenes that makes the pacing seem off. The film also features some of the most ridiculous dialogue I've ever heard. "It's either a transvestite or two killers!", claims one detective. "I said, a real man! You sound like some kind of eunuch", says a teenager. The film also features some of the oddest dirty talk I've ever heard. Not the least bit erotic.


Richard Roundtree (who else?) pops up as the Captain and Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica fame is likeable as the lead detective. But Leif Garrett really steals the show as an incestuous, dress wearing killer! Garrett is entertaining as the unstable and disturbed brother. He dresses in drag, slashes throats, and even spies on his sister oiling up during a workout. Say what you will about his acting talent but "Party Line" really livens up whenever he's on screen.


In the end, "Party Line" is a forgettable pseudo-erotic thriller. It has some positives but it's nothing special. I'd still say check it out for Garret's performance and the tits alone!


"Party Line" features a cell phone beating, trash can basketball, a creepy guy hitting on his underage babysitter, an erotic oiling scene, strangulation, and lame ending involving a pool of blood.





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