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Out of the Dark-1988


“Out of the Dark” is a late 80’s slasher featuring a great B-movie cast and a creepy clown masked killer.


The plot follows a psychotic killer clown named Bobo who is murdering the working girls of a phone sex line. A grizzled detective (played by Tracy Walter) suspects that a young photographer is the killer…forcing the photographer to prove his innocence.


“Out of the Dark” plays out more like a murder-mystery than a straight up slasher. It’s a serviceable if not average horror thriller. The kills aren’t that exciting or original and sadly the gore is non-existent. However, there is a good helping of nudity in the film although it isn’t as sleazy as you would hope or expect.


I will say that “Out of the Dark” is a lot better than other slashers that were released in the late 80’s. It’s shot-well and has a rather slick production especially when compared to other slashers from that cycle. It also features an amazing cast featuring Karen Black, Bud Cort, Cameron Dye, and the legendary Divine. But Tracey Walter is the stand out here playing completely against type as the good guy detective. He turns in a solid performance and is, as always, entertaining to watch.


“Out of the Dark” has red herrings galore but it still isn’t too hard to figure out the identity of the killer. The film features some oddball humor and some awesomely bad lines. Some negatives that I have is the ending, which is lame and underwhelming, and the film’s low body count.


“Out of the Dark” died a swift death when released and was quickly forgotten. The film has since garnered a following over the years and has become a cult thriller. Overall, it’s a decent slasher featuring a creepy killer clown and some fun moments.





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