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Obsession-A taste Of Fear-1988

The Plot: Diane is a new-wave erotic photographer whose models and ex-lovers are turning up dead. The killer has a habit of video taping his murders and a tough as nails detective sets his sights on Diane and her porn directing ex-husband as the prime suspects. Will Diane solve the mysterious murders or will she fall victim to the taste of fear?


"Obsession-A Taste For Fear" is an Italian soft core thriller that plays out like a tired and clichéd slasher. The dubbing is bad, the acting is bad, the sound track is headache inducing, and the suspense is non existent. The film is shot stylishly but features way too much neon and the film is dominated by blue and red hues. Some of the dialogue is awkward (happens frequently with Italian dubbed films), none of the characters are likeable, and most of the kills happen off screen. The body count is low and the film plays out like a Cinemax late night flick instead of a horror film. But there is a throat slashing, a red herring killer, a useless authority figure, and homosexuality.


"Obsession" features some T&A but most of it is hard to enjoy due to the overuse of red and blue lighting. There's a smoking hot black chick (complete with afro) and the opening photo shoot featuring a gun forcefully striping the lingerie off a model are the high lights. Virginia Hey (Road Warrior) plays Diane and is one of the least likeable protagonists I've ever seen in a horror film. She's rude, selfish, degrading, and just a real bitch of a character. In the end the killer turns out to be her cross-dressing gay assistant!


The film has one of the biggest "What the fuck?" moments of all time. After the killer attempts to run down the Don Johnson wannabe with a car, the detective pulls out a FUCKING LASER GUN and blows up half the street! There is no indication during the course of the film that "Obsession" takes place in the future. Yeah, Diane drives a funky "futuristic" car but the film's characters, setting, music, are all 1988. So that FUCKING LASER GUN comes out of nowhere!


"Obession-A Taste For Fear" is a below average erotic thriller that plays out like a giallo...but without the suspense, violence, or gore. "Obsession" features bondage, a female body builder, a threesome, lesbian sex scenes, 80's bush, cuckolding, and end credits that play over nude models!







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