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Not Of This Earth-1988

"Not of This Earth" is a Roger Corman produced sci-fi B-movie remake of the 50's version that features cheap special effects, reused footage from previous Corman produced films, and lots and lots of boobs!


An alien known as Mr. Johnson lands on Earth, searching for human blood to save his dying planet. A nurse (80's pornstar Traci Lords), who is also living with Mr. Johnson and in charge of his blood transfusions, begins to suspect that Mr. Johnson may be up to something strange...


"Not of This Earth" is a silly, cheap B-movie that features enough nudity to keep your eyes on the screen. The cast is inspired and does a decent enough job but they can't save the film from lame special effects, recycled footage, and a clichéd, sleep-inducing plot. This was Traci Lords first mainstream film and lent "Not of This Earth" some notoriety and fascination. She does a solid job acting and even shows of the "goodies". Lenny Juliano is great as the butler Jeremy. He and Lords have a great rapport.


"Not of This Earth" exists to do one thing...show you Traci Lords and other 80's chicks nude. Traci Lords even has a slow-motion sex scene. A women get killed having sex in the backseat of a car. A stripper (with massive boobs) shows up randomly and strips. Mr. Johnson picks up a group of prostitutes and after they strip topless he kills them all. I mean, this film might have the most nudity I've ever seen in a horror film...and that's a good thing. The random scenes of nudity and soul-sucking death keep the movie from dragging on...even though it only has a brisk 80 minute run time. I think "Not of This Earth" beats out "Nightmare Sisters" and "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" for featuring the most gratuitous nudity I've seen in a horror film.


The rest of "Not of This Earth" is what you would expect from a low-budget, Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall, 976-Evil 2) directed sci-fi film. Lots of cheap special effects, reused footage, bad soundtrack, sloppy editing, and cop out death scenes. This isn't to say I wouldn't recommend the film. It is a fun, little comedy and it does feature lots of naked 80's chicks. Also, for pop culture's sake, it's fun to watch Lords act in a mainstream movie.

"Not of This Earth" features throat crushing, a tennis racket named duke, a car chase, a stripper gram, a slick vacuum salesman, and the longest towel-drying-after-a-shower scene EVER!










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