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Night of the Living Babes-1987

"Night of the Living Babes" is an ultra rare and absurd horror comedy with lots of camp and tits.


THE PLOT: Buck and Chuck head to the "Zombie Fantasy Ranch", a new wave whore house. They soon find themselves being held captive and tortured by Madame Mondo, who intends to transform the men into females. Buck and Chuck's angry girlfriends (including scream queen Michelle Bauer) crash the mansion...


"Night of the Living Babes" is a dumb, if not watchable, horror comedy. It isn't sleazy, scary, or funny. It does feature a healthy dose of T&A but not much else. It's like watching a badly made 80's porno but without the hardcore sex scenes. Actually, the director is an ex-porn director who helmed such classics as "Between the Cheeks 3".


It's a cheaply made, amateurishly acted, and poorly executed B-movie. The film features super cheesy transitions and a lame ending where the good guys defeat the zombies (more like brain dead hookers) by clapping their hands.


I have to admit, I did chuckle when Chuck was passionately making love while his buddy Buck dresses like a cowboy and rides an Indian mondo girl. The film also features an overly-lit striptease (I didn't know such a thing could exist).


"Night of the Living Babes" runs a mere 57 minutes and there's worse ways to waste an hour...but I'd say this one is rare for a reason. It stinks. Michelle Bauer's tits are great though.


"Night of the Living Babes" features a cheesy theme song, jiggling tits, burnt wieners, neon wigs, and one of the fakest looking rats I've ever seen.





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