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Nightmare Weekend-1986

"Nightmare Weekend" is one of the oddest and most confusing horror films I've ever seen. The plot is schizophrenic, the editing is disorienting, and the acting is as wooden as a coffin.

The Plot: Over the course of a weekend, a female scientist performs an experiment on three slutty chicks at a guest house, turning them into killer  zombie mutants  by using silver behavior modification spheres.

"Nightmare Weekend" is an absurd, bizarre, and unintentionally comical horror film that was shot directly for the home video market in Florida. The director was a French porn director and the film plays out like some kind of grade-z Italian horror film (Burial Ground: Nights Of Terror, Zombie 3). The film's plot is all over the place and this could be for numerous reasons. Supposedly,  part of the film was shot in '82 and the rest in '86. Another reason for the film's schizophrenic plot could be that there was 4 separate rewrites! Even with a more linear plot "Nightmare Weekend" would probably still suck.

The cast is pretty terrible with the exception of Dale Midkiff (Pet Sematary). Midkiff street races on a motorcycle, gets into a knife fight, has a couple sex scenes, and even has his voice dubbed! Midkiff's acting has come along way since "Nightmare Weekend" but he is at least fun to watch here. The women in the film are pretty enough and there's plenty of random nudity through out the film. Shower scenes, sex in limos, sex on pinball machines in public, sex on a balcony, sex with a tarantula! And one of the weirdest death scenes I've seen. A women gets possessed in the shower, comes out nude and attacks her boyfriend on the bed, and basically dry humps him to death. One chick who goes topless kind of reminded me of Anna Kendrick.

 One of the oddest things in the film is "George". The high tech computer interface is a puppet that talks to the inventors daughter and seems to be a clairvoyant. It's a strange sight and it adds even more absurdity to the proceedings. The gore is minimal and the special effects are reminiscent of other lower budget flicks of the time. The best death scene is probably when an asshole biker, whose attempting a rape, head explodes in the lake after a silver sphere shoots into his neck. The spheres are nowhere near as cool as the ones in "Phantasm" either. The sphere effects are unconvincing to say the least.

"Nightmare Weekend" features death by panty sniffing, zombies, 80's bush, a terrible soft rock jazz soundtrack, roller skating, deadly video games, and death by toothbrush.



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