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“Necromancer” is a cheesy supernatural revenge flick starring the always gorgeous Elizabeth Kaitan (here billed as Elizabeth Cayton).


THE PLOT: 3 college students in animal masks rape and blackmail Julie (Kaitan-Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood) during a school robbery gone wrong. Julie seeks revenge by visiting a necromancer she finds in the classifieds. One by one, the men who wronged Julie have their penises torn off by a demon doppelganger of Julie. Can Julie stop the necromancer before it kills her boyfriend?


“Necromancer” features a lot of gooey, cheesy effects, too many off screen murders, and terrible acting. But the sole reason to view this film is for the great nude scenes of Elizabeth Kaitan. An underrated and unsung semi-scream queen who appeared in a handful of horror films throughout her career, Kaitan carries the film and truly makes “Necromancer” worth watching. She may not be a great actress but she sure is fun to watch.


The film features some pretty cartoonish characters. Like Ernest, the green haired, big glasses nerd who tries to warn Julie about the necromancer randomly through the film. At first I thought his character was suppose to be mentally challenged or learning disabled. And the super creepy drama professor (played by Russ Tamblyn), complete with a mustache, who literally molests his students and has an affair with Julie. Julie’s boyfriend looks like he’s in his mid-thirties and plays in some terrible rock band.


The film opens with a text from the Dead Sea Scrolls and ends with a quote from Edgar Allen Poe. There is little gore, little suspense, and the demon looks like a marinara monster with laser eyes. The rape scene is pretty tame as well. You’d expect the director to really ramp up the intensity and savagery for a scene that serves as the catalyst for demonic murder but it’s underdone and weak. The fight scene involves Julie fighting her evil twin and stabbing the necromancer in the face with a dagger…pretty clichéd stuff. At 88mins, the film still finds a way to feel a half an hour too long.


“Necromancer” somehow got a decent DVD release from Image Entertainment. I’d recommend checking it out only if you’re a fan of Kaitan or an 80’s completists…worth a watch but a missed opportunity.


“Necromancer” features (off-screen) death by axe, a cheesy séance, sinks that spit up blood, a lot of man ass (for the ladies), a shower scene, torn panties, and a knife stabbing in the face.








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