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MUrder WEapon (1989)


"Murder Weapon" has a very misleading cover. The film looks like it's
suppose to be some kind of action film, like a female lethal weapon.
But "Murder Weapon" is a low-budget slasher/thriller that centers
around two recently released mental patients (who also happen to have
connections to the mob) who invite their ex's over for a party in their
mansion. One by one the ex's are killed off by a mysterious killer.

If you've seen any of David DeCoteau's work ("Nightmare Sisters",
"Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama") than you know what to
expect. Lots of nudity and low budget production values. You get two
sex scenes in the first 10 minutes.


Linnea Quigley (who also earned a producing credit on this convoluted thriller)

stars as ex-patient Dawn. Linnea strips nude through out and has a cool sex

scene where she seems to almost ride a guy to death. She spends most of film's

run time walking around in a leopard swimsuit with see through top. The other
half of the psycho-duo is played by Karen Russell, who spends the first
5 minutes of the film oiling her body(more annoying than erotic). She
spends most the film suffering from narcolepsy and dreaming about her

Surprisingly, "Murder Weapon" does feature some pretty nice gore
scenes. Heads explode by gunshot, faces get crushed by sledgehammers,
broken bottles get shoved into throats. There's a particularly cool
death scene (that doesn't make a lick of sense) that involves a hand
bursting through a man's chest while he's lying in bed.

The dialog in the film is pretty amusing. The conversations between the
male characters are often pretty humorous. The character of Kevin has
some great lines. A scene in which Kevin screams like a girl when he
sees the killer approaching the car with a pistol had me laughing out
loud. I thought after "A Nightmare on Elm Street 2" filmmakers would
realize that there is nothing scary about a man screaming like a woman.

Overall, it may be the best DeCoteau film I've seen (strangely, he used
a pseudonym). Linnea's nude scenes are some of the best she's done and
the gore is wet.

"Murder Weapon" features flashbacks within dream sequences, a sting in
the tale ending, Ricky from "Silent Night, Deadly Night 2", a Richard
Greico wannabe, leg shaving, and a scene of sex voyeurism.



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