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There is a soul reason I would recommend a horror fan to watch "Mausoleum", and that's to see a man get killed by demon breasts!!!


The plot: Susan (Bobby Bresee-EVIL SPAWN), a conservative lonely house wife, gets possessed by the same horny demon that caused her mother's death. Susan's husband and psychiatrist begin to notice strange changes in Susan's behavior...and Susan begins unleashing her homicidal sexuality on horny male victims. Can they save Susan's soul from the demon in the mausoleum or will she meet the same fate as her mother?

"Mausoleum" is a possession movie that features a lot of Bobby Bresee nudity and some goofy, but fun, special effects (like how Susan's eyes glow a cheesy, neon green when she's possessed). There is some decent gore too. Like in the opening scene when the caretaker's head explodes (after a lot of over acting) and later when a lady gets levitated before having her chest ripped open. The special effects are a notch above average thanks to John Carl Beuchler. Oh, and the demons kind of reminded me of the demons from "Evil Dead" too.


The acting is pretty lousy for the most part. Ex-Playboy bunny Bresee was obviously cast for her "assets" and Marjoe Gortner seems to sleep walk through the film. He also has absolutely ZERO chemistry with Bresee. LaWanda Page plays a black maid who's suppose to be the comic relief but her character falls flat. There's also a horny gardener (who sleeps on a jetty) and a horny delivery man. Oh, and a horny guy with a beard at a disco. Pretty much, if you're horny in this film...you die. "Mausoleum" is shot like a made-for-TV movie. There isn't a lot of creativity or style in the cinematography.


 Overall, "Mausoleum" is a mixed bag. There's a couple of cool death scenes and Bresee constantly gets nude throughout, but there's a lame climax and an annoying twist ending. It's out on DVD but it's cheaper to pick up a used VHS on ebay or Amazon. It slightly reminded me of "Satan's Mistress", which I recently reviewed.

"Mausoleum" features death by car explosion, exhibitionism, sex by the fire place, death by telephone (?), impalement, bad disco dancing, and paintings that bleed. Oh, yeah, and demon boobs!





 Embassy Home Entertainment/96mins





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