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Killer Workout (1987) aka Aerobicide

If I had to choose one word to describe “Killer Workout” (aka “Aerobicide”) it would be…“JIGGLY”. From the director of “Deadly Prey” and “Sledgehammer” comes…another really bad movie. If the flicks “Perfect” with John Travolta and “Psycho” had a baby, “Killer Workout” would be their ugly love child. The movies only saving grace is that it consists mainly of hot 80’s chicks doing aerobics…which is cool.


The plot: A model finally catches her big break but is burned to death in a tanning bed when a freak accident occurs. Five years later at the same fitness center, a mysterious killer begins murdering members of the gym with a clothes pin. But a muscle head from the gym and an old detective are on the case…


“Killer Workout” has an interesting setting for a slasher flick. A gym/fitness center would make for some cool death scenes. Unfortunately, the director settled for killing almost 90% of the victims with a clothes pin (A weapon that seemed laughable at first, but got boring quickly). The film features a pretty solid 80’s soundtrack and a little T&A. The best parts of the film are the aerobic scenes, sadly (or not sadly, if you’re into the 80’s cheese). “Killer Workout” does however feature two of the hottest 80’s girls I’ve seen. Dianne Copeland and Teresa Van der Woude (who spends most the film in a thong leotard)!


Anytime these girls were on screen I was entertained/interested. The rest of the cast is what you’d expect from an 80’s horror film known as “Aerobicide”. I was disturbed when I found myself slightly aroused by a burn victim (you’ll know what I mean). Something I found humorous is that “Rhonda’s Workout” stays open the entire film. Even when there are murders occuring and an investigation under way, the girls just keep on jigglin’ and shakin’. The best death in the entire film happens during the opening scene; the rest of “Killer Workout” is just karate fights and clothes pins.


“Killer Workout” features shower scenes, death by dumbbell, pitchforks, a twist ending, an erotic burn victim, and a wet dream that turns into a nightmare.




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