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“Junior” aka “Hot Water” is a trashy, Canadian produced exploitation flick with misleading box art.


THE PLOT: K.C. and Jo are released from a women’s prison and decide to fix up an old marina in a back water town. But soon local yokels and a retarded momma’s boy named Junior begin terrorizing the girls. It all leads to a violent and deadly climax…


The tagline for “Junior” reads: “First you saw the Texas Chainsaw Massacre…Then you met Freddy in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Now meet…Junior. The most deranged lunatic ever to stalk the screen!” I’m gonna call bull shit! Claims like these on the front and back of the VHS as well as a misleading poster, would have you expecting some kind of slasher or savage cinema effort. Instead, “Junior” is a cheap, exploitation flick that’s more of a “strangers in backwoods peril” film. It features wooden acting, minimal gore, and a poor production. But the film has plenty of T&A and several WTF moments.


The first reason for watching “Junior” is the T&A. Suzanne DeLaurentiis (as K.C.) is hot. She’s has a great rack and Linda Singer (as Jo) has a great ass. So they’re a perfect eye candy combo…it doesn’t hurt that they spend most of the film in bikinis and daisy dukes. There’s 3 sex scenes…one includes K.C. having romantic sex on a jetty while Cajun blues music roars in the background. Another sex scene finds Junior body slam fucking some chick all over the house…even smashing her head through a window! It’s odd and unintentionally hilarious.


The second reason to watch “Junior” is for some serious WTF moments. The film opens with a pimp coming out of nowhere and trying to run over the two girls, freshly released from prison. After trying to turn them into road kill, the pimp pours coke all over the hood of his car, slams K.C.’s face into the coke repeatedly, rips open her blouse, and then gets stabbed in the nose before the girls steal his car. It’s an amusing and energetic opening that had me slightly excited to see what came next…


Another WTF moment (and possibly the best scene in the film) finds K.C. stranded on a speed boat. She is being circled by rednecks and decides to make a Molotov cocktail out of her bikini top. It’s epic, hot, and badass! A big problem with the film is that Junior isn’t that frightening. He spends most of the time doing childish pranks (like putting worms in fish or playing grab ass) and screaming out “bitch” and “cunt”. He also talks to his mute mom who looks a lot like Chop Top from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2”. Eventually, there’s a twist revealed about the identity of the killer…but it isn’t shocking or well executed. Take a look at the Molotov cocktail scene below.



Overall, I’d say check out “Junior. Just don’t expect a slasher film and you may find yourself enjoying the film as a cheesy, T&A sexploitation thriller.


“Junior” features a horny gas station attendant, a gutted dog, skinny dipping, leeches, fireplay, fish hook violence, a chainsaw redecorating, and copious amounts of stiff nipples.




Prism Entertainment/80mins


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