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"Iced" is an entertaining, shot-on-video slasher flick that features Wednesday Addams (Lisa Loring) topless and decent gore.

The plot: Cory and Jeff have a ski race for Trina's affections. Cory wins and Jeff gets drunk afterwards and careens off a mountain to his death. Several years later, Cory, Trina, and their friends are invited to a secluded ski cabin by a mysterious invitation. Sex, skiing, and death follow, as someone starts systematically killing off the group of friends one by one...is Jeff back from the grave?

"Iced" has an interesting and unique setting for a slasher flick (a secluded ski cabin) and it allows for some pretty fun deaths. A guy gets ran over by a snow plow. A chick gets an ice cycle in the face. Another guys gets a ski shoved through his throat. All the kills are memorable and the effects are well done. The first 10 minutes and the last 30minutes of "Iced" are awesome! But there's too much soap-opera-drama in the middle to keep it from being a "lost classic". "Iced" is a typical (but above average) 80's slasher with P.O.V. shots, a red herring, nudity, and clichéd characters (the nerd, the jock, the prankster).


The movie is shot and lit well, unlike most 80's DTV flicks, but the editing is shoddy. The editing is particularly terrible in a scene where the friends are laying out some exposition on their way to the cabin. The acting is average and what you'd expect from a film of this caliber. I didn't care much for Debra De Liso (Slumber Party Massacre) as Trina...but I did like the guy with a ponytail. He was pretty solid. Lisa Loring has a sex scene in a Jacuzzi, touches herself in a hot tub, and wears lingerie. She's great as the eye candy in "Iced". In conclusion, I'd say "Iced" is a minor gem in the world of rare slashers and I'd recommend tracking down a copy. It's not a classic but it's miles ahead of most films on this website.

Oh, and "Iced" features the coolest, and most ridiculous, end jump scare in horror movie history! I'd say it rivals the end jump scares in "Friday the 13th" and "Carrie". Take a look for yourself at the video below.


"Iced" features death by bear traps, 80's bush, homoerotic skiing, a midnight snack of pie that turns deadly, a snowman that cries blood, mullets, and hot tub death by electrocution. And I'm pretty sure I saw ball sack and vagina...



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