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Hide and go shriek-1988

“Hide and Go Shriek” is an entertaining, cheesy, and competently made slasher film that needs to be revisited!


THE PLOT-8 friends sneak into a furniture store for an all night graduation party. A rousing game of hide and seek turns into a grisly nightmare when they find themselves locked inside the store with a murderous ex-con. One by the one the friends are stalked and killed…until the shocking, twist ending…


“Hide and Go Shriek” features everything you want in a late 80’s slasher flick. You get tits, gore, cheesy acting, likeable characters, and a wild twist ending. The film is shot well and the director stages some terrifying moments. Director Skip Schoolnik edited Halloween II and he uses some of the old Carpenter tricks…using shadow and musical queues to create scares. There’s also a nice sense of dread and atmosphere throughout…the opening sets up a nice nihilistic vibe with the realistic murder of an unfortunate and unknown prostitute. But there is a fair amount of cheese to the proceeding as well…


The actors are all likeable and recognizable (at least to 80’s horror fans). There’s Bunky Jones from “The Kindred”, Brittain Frye of “Slumber Party Massacre III”, and Scott Fults from the underrated “Night Visitor”. General Hospital’s A.J. (Sean Kannan) plays one of the leads and has a pretty humorous sex scene. The acting ranges from decent to cheesy but it’s never distractingly bad or poorly delivered. Unlike the majority of slasher films, the characters are more developed in “Hide and Go Shriek”.


I’m pretty sure every actress in this film goes topless. Hell, even a character that’s supposedly a virgin does a sexy striptease before having sex. The special effects are solid. The film features one of the most realistic decapitations I’ve ever seen! I had to rewind the video tape to check it out a second time because I was so blown away. Take a look for yourself at the video below.


The killer in the film likes to cross dress, wear S&M, and laugh manically. The big twist ending is that there’s 2 ex-convicts in the furniture store! They use to be gay lovers in prison but when the relationship didn’t work out in the “real world” one of the convicts when murderously crazy. The killer dies in the end by tripping over a severed head and falling down an elevator shaft.


I would definitely recommend this film to horror fans. It’s fun, it’s cheesy, has hot 80’s chicks, and the furniture store is nice change of setting. Track it down and check it out!


“Hide and Go Shriek” features death by impalement, creepy mannequins, mullets, a sweet pair of daisy dukes, homoerotic weight lifting, and a drowning in a bathroom sink.





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