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"Hellhole" has one of those classic misleading box covers from the 80's. The description on the back of the VHS, as well as the tagline, make the film seem like some kind of horror flick. But "Hellhole" is actually a thriller and a "women-in-prison" flick. The horror aspects are minimal but "Hellhole" does feature murder and madness and a whole lot of 80's T&A.

Because of missing bank statements, Susan witnesses her mother being killed by Silk (Ray Sharkey). Susan falls out a window during her escape and winds up with amnesia in an all woman's mental hospital. Silk is sent in undercover as an orderly to keep an eye on Susan, while Dr. Flanders uses the basement, known as "Hellhole", to experiment on patients. Turning them into her sex zombies.

"Hellhole" features a pretty solid cast. Robert Z'dar (Maniac Cop) is a henchman orderly. Ray Sharkey (Dead On: Relentless 2) plays a sleazy and horny killer. Judy Landers (Dr. Alien) is hot as the protagonist Susan. Mary Woronov (Deathrace 2000) is awesome as the evil Dr. Landers. Edy Williams supplies most of the film's T&A as Vera...Silk's lover and crony. And the performances are all over the place...from over the top, to terrible, to absolutely amusing (Sharkey in particular).

"Hellhole" plays out like a women-in-prison flick. It reminded me a little bit of the classic 80's squeeze and cheese "Reform School Girls". There's full frontal bush, a group shower scene, lesbian drug sniffing, a chick fight in the showers, chicks mud bathing, and a lesbian head doctor. And every patient in the hospital conveniently looks like a playboy playmate. The gore is non-existent. There isn't really any special effects in the film other than a needle getting jammed in someone's neck and a throat getting slit. "Hellhole" is defiantly more of a thriller then it is a slasher or horror film. The film was written by the writer of "Chained Heat", so I'm really not that surprised the film is more about lesbians than murder and gore.

"Hellhole" isn't a good film (I mean come on, killing some one over bank statements?!?!) but it does have enough boobs and bush to keep the viewer interested. Ray Sharkey's performance almost transcends the film into awesomeness...but even Sharkey being paired up with Edy Williams epic tits couldn't save this stinker.

"Hellhole" features death by axe, bank statements hidden in spaghetti sauce, zombie patients, a cheesy synth score, "a drug so bad you'll wish you were dead", and lots of boobies.

Gore Score-0/5



RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video/90mins






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