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Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part 2 (1989)

Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part 2 is an entertainingly silly killer rat movie. Having vaguely recalled the original, I was curious to see what the sequel was all about. And it was a damn good cheesy time.

After a group of college activists break into a college lab in hopes of trash it in protest of the experiments. They accidentally infect a group of rats with an experimental chemical that causes gigantic growth. Soon the school is over run with giant killer rats. A professor who was working on a cure teams up with his hippie girlfriend to try and stop the rats before the college's big synchronized swim meet.

Gnaw: FOTG 2 takes itself WAY too seriously. For a film about giant killer rats it sure stays grounded and serious...about as grounded as a movie like this can get. Paul Coufos (Chopping Mall) is great as the lead professor. He is able to pull of being masculine and a nerd at the same time. He's a likable lead and the bond he shares with his pet white rat is (sadly) the best chemistry between co-stars. His hippie girlfriend is played by none other than Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2's Lisa Schrage. And she is TERRIBLE in this. I was disappointed at how bad she was here. She almost seems to be drugged through out the film and she just comes off wooden as hell. Which is surprising giving her tongue-in-cheek and over the top performance in Prom Night 2.

The special effects are pretty cool and are well done for the most part. There isn't too much gore in this one though. The giant rats are convincing enough and they do come off as menacing. The biggest negative I have of the film is the shitty third act. The end of the movie is pretty underwhelming. It does feature some carnage at the swim meet but the finale is underwhelming and anti-climatic. They totally wasted a great idea to have the professor's giant good white rat fight the big bad rats but instead the white rat just gets gunned down as friendly fire by the police. Hell of a missed opportunity. It also ends on a lame cliffhanger ending where a kid who has been effected and grown to giant size by the chemical kills another scientist and escapes into the nearby woods. It's a rather abrupt conclusion.

There is some nudity in the film. Some college kids have sex in the bushes before being slurped up by rats and the professor later has a sex dream where he is banging that student. It's pretty humorous cause in the scene he begins to grow and the chick is all getting off at first before realizing he's growing too much. It's probably the best scene in the movie.  The soundtrack is forgettable and supporting cast is as well.

Gnaw: FOTG2 is an entertaining killer rat movie that may drag in the middle and have a weak finale...but it does feature a lot of cheese and it is a fun little horror flick. I think it deserves some more love from cheesy 80's horror fans.

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