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Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice-1988

"Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice" is a savage cinema effort that features ex-G.L.O.W. wrestler Luscious Lisa (Jan Sebastian) as a Cajun vigilante.


PLOT: A city girl named Angelique marries Cajun Big T and moves into the swamp with him. Leroy and his gang of inbreds decide to break up the honeymoon with a gang rape on Angelique. They also leave Big T for dead as gator bait. Angelique escapes and decides to deliver some Cajun justice to the hillbillies.


"Gator Bait 2" is a rape revenge flick that features some nice T&A from star Jan Sebastian (here credited as Jan Mackenzie). Jan Sebastian is a pretty faced girl with huge boobs and any teenag boy growing up in the late 80's/early 90's rented "Gator Bait 2" from the video store based on the box art alone! She's the only real stand out of the film and turns in a capable if not impressive performance. Especially given the subject matter of gang rape.


Some horror fans reading this review might think, "Well, this isn't really a horror movie". And I would disagree. The rape scene is pretty horrific...and disturbing. It's a hard scene to watch. The scene where Leroy and the gang degrade and humiliate Angelique in the swamp house is equally unnerving.


"Gator Bait 2" is an exploitation thriller that does what it sets out to do. Disturb, entertain, and exploit it's star Jan Sebastian. The oddest thing about "Gator Bait 2" is that the film was directed by Ferd and Beverly Sebastian...Jan's parents! They also directed her in the 80's wrestling movie "American Angels". Talk about a weird movie set. It must have been odd to film your daughter getting gang raped and beaten by a bunch of hillbillies. And kind of creepy to cast her in a super exploitative role.


"Gator Bait 2" is worth a watch for Jan Sebastian's (aka Luscious Lisa) performance and her hot bod. It's nothing original ("I Spit on Your Grave") but it's an interesting, if not entertaining, revenge flick.


"Gator Bait 2" features a slit throat, death by snakes, a hillbilly wedding, a stuttering retard, some cheesy love making, and some of the thickest Cajun accents I've ever heard!



Tit-O-Meter-5/5! (Look at those warlocks!)

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