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Fatal Exposure-1989

“Fatal Exposure” is a rare and underrated shot-on-video slasher from 1989 featuring impressive special effects and some nice T&A.


THE PLOT: Jack T. Rippington, the great grandson of Jack the Ripper, is a photographer who kills models and drinks their blood to increases his sexual potency. Jack is looking for the perfect girl to impregnate so his family’s evil legacy can carry on. One day Jack meets his dream girl and uses her to lure in more female victims, unbeknownst to her…


SOV films are usually an exercise in bad filmmaking. Often cheaply produced and terribly crafted, SOV films are the bottom of the barrel for 80’s horror. But every now and then a decent SOV film pops up (“Phantom Brother”, “The Video Dead”). “Fatal Exposure” might just be the best made SOV 80’s horror film I’ve ever seen. Making overexposed and overrated films like “Boardinghouse” or “Blood Cult” look even more shitty.

“Fatal Exposure” features some nice camera work, good lighting, decent acting, and some impressive gore effects. I was pleasantly surprised at how plentiful and well-done the gore was. The body count in this movie is pretty high too. Blake Bahner turns in a charismatic performance as the charming killer. He constantly breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience and also narrates the film. In a genre where the villain is often lame or forgettable, I think Jack T. Rippington is one of the more memorable and interesting killers.


The film also features some nice helpings of T&A. The opening scene involves a topless Julie Austin of “Elves” running around the woods topless before being skewered with an ice pick. There’s also a sex scene and some 80’s bush. The film has a nice sleaze factor to it. The kills are original and well-done…there’s a decapitation, a shotgun blast to the face, and a few acid deaths.


“Fatal Exposure” is a hidden gem and could be the Citizen Kane of SOV 80’s horror films. It has a whacky premise, good gore, lots of boobies, an interesting killer, and comes off as a genuinely fun slasher. It deserves a better reputation and I suggest you check it out.



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