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double exposure-1983

“Double Exposure” is a slasher thriller that plays out more like a ‘whodunit’ than a straight out horror film.


THE PLOT: As a string of serial killings plague a Californian town, photographer Adrian (Michael Callan) begins to suffer from nightmares in which he kills models and prostitutes. But when the victims in Adrian’s dreams start turning up dead in real life, he begins to suspect that maybe he is responsible for the slayings…


“Double Exposure” features a better production value and better acting than you’d find in most 80’s slashers. It’s competently shot, features a couple cool kills, and has some nice eye candy (including some of the droopiest tits I’ve ever seen). It’s a well-made little slasher that sometimes focuses too much on the dramatic aspects of the film rather than the horror.


There’s a couple solid, scary kills in “Double Exposure”. If you ever wanted to see a chick get a garbage bag with a rattle snake zip tied around her head than this movie is for you! I posted the clip below. You also get a brutal and effective topless throat slashing and a lame death scene in which a model is drowned in the pool but her breast keeps popping out of her swimsuit. The exploitation factor is there and you get some nice skin from some pretty actresses.


But “Double Exposure” still features some of the clichéd tropes of the slasher. You get the P.O.V. stalk shot, the red herrings (could it be his no arm, no leg stun driver brother or his mustachioed psychiatrist?), the ‘stay awake shot’, useless authority, and some terrible camera tricks like double exposure and Vaseline lenses.


“Double Exposure” isn’t exactly original (there’s been many horror thrillers involving photographer or dudes with mommy issues), but it’s done well and is worthy a viewing. It’s got some sleaze, a bit of a mean streak, and some hammy overacting! Especially when Callan does a nutso split personality conversation with himself and a mirror.


“Double Exposure” features 80’s bush, a back alley neck break, mud wrestling, a shotgun nightmare, a cheesy beach montage, bad disco dancing, and a hooker that kind of looks like Laura Dern!




Crown International Pictures/100mis



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