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Demonwarp (1988)


First of all, let's get one thing straight..."Demonwarp" doesn't have demons or warps. But it does feature an assortment of monsters and enough T&A (and 80's bush) to please any B-movie fan.

I have fond memories of this film from childhood. As a kid, I was genuinely disturbed by "Demonwarp". My brothers and I would rent it from the Ma and Pa video store on a monthly basis. Sadly, "Demonwarp" has not aged well and I find myself bewildered at how a film so cheesy and cheap could have frighten me as a young boy.

The flick revolves around some teens at a cabin who encounter Bigfoot. A vengeful father eventually shows up intent on hunting the beast (with bear traps and dynamite). But then zombies and aliens pop up and all hell breaks loose.

"Demonwarp", in terms of plot and acting, is all over the place. The gore is below average but it gets bonus points for nudity. Michelle Bauer (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) runs around topless covered in blood screaming for most of her screen time. She also gets her heart cut out in a sacrifice for the alien. There's also a male hiker who's character suddenly appears out of nowhere and spends half the movie running from Bigfoot until Bigfoot disembowels him with a stick(?). "Demonwarp" is a cheap B-Movie made for the video market boom and it does exactly what it was produced to do...entertain. Check it out if you like your horror cheesy with lots of skin. "Demonwarp" was written by John Carl Beuchler (who also designed the creature) and directed by Emmitt Alston (New Year's Evil).

"Demonwarp" features George Kennedy fist fighting Bigfoot, a crazed priest, a shower scene, drinking and driving, Michelle Bauer sun tanning topless, the little brother from "Just One Of The Guys" getting his neck snapped, a decapitation, and the most awkward sex scene ever filmed.




91 Mins/Vidmark

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