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death by dialogue-1988

"Death By Dialogue" is a badly scripted ghost-slasher that features supernatural deaths, cheesy FX, bad acting, and moves at a glacier's pace.

The Plot: Cary takes a group of  friends (including Nightmare on Elm Street 3's Kincaid) to visit his paraplegic Uncle's house and check out a nearby abandoned movie set. A cursed screenplay called "Victim 67" is discovered and the friends begin getting killed off in the same manner as in the horror script.


"Death By Dialogue" has some great "What-The-Fuck?" moments. Like when an 80's metal band appears in the woods and after performing a song called "When The Axe Comes Down" explodes a victim's head with a guitar! Or when a topless chick uses a scarf to decapitate a guy. Another classic scene has the caretaker ordering a demon chick to "fire him"...so she lights his ass up with a flame thrower! But the majority of the film is dull, clichéd, and boring...easily outweighing the few wacky and amusing bits. The film was directed flatly by big time Hollywood stunt man Thomas Dewier. Most of the film is poorly lit and the film's sound is atrocious!


Ken "Kincaid" Sagoes turns in a rather disappointingly half ass performance...even though the video box proclaims him the star. He seems uninterested and rather bored with the whole affair. Maybe he was just pissed this was all he could get after "Nightmare on Elm Street 3". His character spends the second half the film walking around in the woods at night. The rest of the cast is forgettable and their characters uninteresting. Laura Albert does a prolonged sex scene in a barn (with orgasmic walls!) and goes topless again in a dream sequence.

It turns out some ancient South American tribe put the soul of a snoopy reporter they killed in an urn but he escaped and transferred his cursed soul into a screenplay. They kill the "cursed soul" by burying the screenplay and performing a half ass burial prayer. The stunts in "Death By Dialogue" are rather exceptional. There are motorcycle stunts, pyrotechnics,  wire work, and a full body burn! There's a pretty cool impalement by sword scene as well.

"Death By Dialogue" features a volleyball montage, taxidermy, a decapitation, a melting body, zombies on motorcycles, and another cheesy "road trip" opening completer with pop song! (see "Shallow Grave", The Mutilator", Etc.)

Gore Score-2/5



City Lights Home Video/89mins


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