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This movie is amazing! Cemetery of Terror is a Spanish slasher/zombie hybrid that is entertaining, atmospheric, and fun! It may just be the most underrated horror flick of the 80's.

PLOT: A black magic devil worshipping serial killer named Devlon is finally gunned down by police. His doctor (played by Nightmare City's Hugo Stiglitz) is convinced his body must be burned to ash to prevent him from resurrecting. A group of college students decide to celebrate Halloween at an abandoned house in a cemetery...the same abandoned house Devlon was squatting in. They find Devlon's book of black magic and decide to bring a body back to life for a Halloween prank. They go to the local morgue and steal a body...not knowing they are taking Devlon's corpse. The students perform the ritual and bring the dead serial killer back to life. The dead in the cemetery also rise up as zombies. A group of trick or treating kids also arrive at the cemetery while Stiglitz drives around waiting for his opportunity to burn the book and kill Devlon once and for all.

Cemetery of Terror is a great slasher zombie flick! It's not perfect and may not be for everyone...but if you like atmospheric, gory horror than you will dig this flick. It kind of reminded me of Italian zombie flicks. It has that sort of appeal and vibe. It has a lot of things working for...it takes place on Halloween and makes good use of the holiday, it features a unique and creepy killer, and the film features some impressive camera work. Cemetery of Terror's setting is spooky and atmospheric as well. Taking place at an abandoned house in a cemetery. It's visually a very nice film to look at.

The gore is pretty wet in this one and the way Devlon kills his victims is pretty interesting as well. He uses his hands like claws and rips peoples throats out and scratches faces off. It's a uniqiue and savage way to kill. My favorite is when he literally rips a chick's guts out with his bare hands. The killer's look is pretty average...just a Spanish dude with crazy eye and a Jheri curl.

The film moves along at brisk pace and features multiple sets of characters meeting up in the cemetery. I was surprised how quickly the students got killed off after Devlon was brought back from the dead. They were all dead by the halfway mark. The second half of the movie follows the kids as they try and escape Devlon and also the zombies rising up in the cemetery. Eventually Stiglitz arrives and teams up with the kids. Stiglitz punches and kicks zombies and faces off with Devlon at the film's climax. Unfortunately, Stiglitz does spend a good chunk of the runtime just driving around in his car waiting for Devlon to pop up. But he is great in this as a Dr. Loomis rip-off.

The zombies are only in the movie for about the last 20 minutes...so I would call this a slasher first and foremost. The zombie makeup is solid and is reminiscent of Italian horror zombies. The film features a creepy musical score and there is a confusing twist ending. The kid actors are pretty good in this and I like the fact they fight back against the zombies and the slasher. The acting is pretty solid and the female actresses are attractive...but there isn't any nudity in the film for you T&A fans.

Cemetery of Terror has quickly become one of my favorite 80's slasher/zombie flicks. It's a damn shame the dvd goes for so much. If you can find a way to watch this online somehow definitely check it out. I give it my highest recommendation. I am also aware this may not be for everyone...so if you don't like Italian horror flicks you may not be that invested or impressed. Cemetery of Terror is an underrated gem of a horror flick.



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