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camp fear-1991

“Camp Fear” is a boring and near-worthless straight-to-video horror film that features terrible acting and no suspense.


THE PLOT: A professor takes a group of sorority sisters to Mystic Mountain to camp and study. They are warned by a wino (George “Buck” Flower) and an Indian to stay away…that the mountain is an evil place filled with demons. The campers soon find themselves being stalked by a Druid, a biker gang, and a lake monster.


“Camp Fear” aka “The Millennium Countdown” plays like an 80’s holdover…mullets, gratuitous T&A, biker gangs, and cheesy special effects. The film opens promisingly with a bunch of sorority sisters walking around topless and taking showers! Scream queen Michelle Bauer plays one of the showering sorority sisters, as does the tragic ex-porn star Savannah. The first 5 minutes of the film, unfortunately, are the best. (Rumor has it Fred Olen Ray did an un-credited reshoot and shot the opening scene). We are soon introduced to our camping sorority sisters including Betsy Russell (Tomboy) and Playboy Playmate Peggy Sands (Lady Avenger). Russell is fine considering the material and terrible dialogue but Sands is atrocious! I spent most of my viewing laughing at her unintentionally hilarious dialogue. The acting is on par with bad porn acting.


A lot of reviewers dislike the biker gang but I found them to be the most amusing part of the film. James Kratt (looking like a combination of Conan and Jon Bon Jovi) is badass as Ace. He’s the hero of the film, teaming up with the professor and fighting the 7 foot druid at the film's cimax! Got to love it when an antagonist becomes a protagonist in horror films. All the bikers have ridiculous names like Frog and Speedy. Anytime their biker characters were on screen it livened the movie up…which is no easy feat, considering how lame “Camp Fear” is.  


The body count is low, the suspense is absent, and the motivation of the druid to sacrifice the co-eds to prevent the millennial apocalypse seems half-baked. At times it feels as if “Camp Fear” wants to be 3 different movies at once. A savage cinema effort with rapist bikers, a back woods slasher, and an apocalyptic supernatural thriller. The screenwriter never made up his mind so “Camp Fear” is a little bit of all three, making the film feel like a missed opportunity and a waste of time to sit through. On another note, this is the sole credit for writer/director Thom Keith.


Even at 86 minutes the film tends to drag. "Camp Fear" somehow got a DVD release in 2005 but I wouldn't recommend picking it up. I'll end this review with a classic line of dialogue…“See you bitches on the flipside”-Ace


“Camp Fear” features P.O.V. stalk shots, a professor banging his student, a slashed throat, a cheesy looking lake monster, salsa dancing, exhibitionism, and some funky colored end credits.



Tit-O-Meter-3/5 (For the opening scene)

Retromedia Entertainment/86mins

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