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blood sisters-1987

“Blood Sisters” is a sleazy, goofy, half-assed slasher directed by female exploitation director Roberta Findlay (Prime Evil, The Oracle).


THE PLOT: After a young boy is humiliated by a girl (after trying to cop a feel in exchange for some candy), he returns to his brothel home and murders his prostitute mother and her lover with a shotgun. 13 years later, the brothel sits abandoned and 7 sorority sisters must spend the night in the haunted whorehouse as part of their initiation. Soon a cross dressing killer appears and begins bumping of the babes one by one…


“Blood Sisters” is one of the most clichéd slasher films you’ll ever see. It’s one of the horror movies that helped drive the nail into the subgenre’s coffin. Using tried and true tropes like the P.O.V. stalk shot, the deadly preamble in the past, a done to death victim pool (sorority sisters), a terrible synth score, useless authority, and gratuitous nudity (which is the only positive this film offers), “Blood Sisters” is a lazy and lame slasher. The film is neither suspenseful nor gory and the film’s plot is an incoherent mess. The film takes a while to get going to (too much bad dancing and frat boy pranks).


There is a WTF moment when a girl gets turned on by a nightie and begins to masturbate while watching ghosts engage in foreplay. And the fact no one survives is kind of cool…even if the killer’s reason for killing is extremely retarded (“Because I’m crazy!”). The cops in the movie are some of the laziest and useless authority figures I’ve ever seen! Director Findlay has directed some entertaining and classic films…but “Blood Sisters” is not one of them. Somehow this got a nice DVD release from Shriek Show with a ton of special features but it’s definitely bottom of the barrel 80’s fodder.


“Blood Sisters” features death by strangulation, hanging mannequins, lesbianism, ghost sex voyeurism, a backseat finale surprise, a creepy rocking horse, and the kid from “Rock N Roll Nightmare” (director John Fassano’s son).






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