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blood nasty-1989

"Blood Nasty" is an ultra-rare horror comedy that is neither horrifying nor funny...but does feature Scream Queen Linnea Quigley nude for the majority of it's run time!

THE PLOT: Roy is double crossed by grave diggers and left for dead after digging up deceased serial killer Blade. With the help of a magic ring, Roy is resurrected as a zombie (possessed by the spirit of Blade) and returns home. Blade's psychic stripper ex-girlfriend Wanda Dance (Linnea Quigley-with her ass never looking better) soon arrives and murder and mayhem ensue...

"Blood Nasty" never recieved an official release in the US...somewhat surprising given the awesome title and the appeal of Scream Queen Linnea Quigley. Supposedly, the distributor for it's US release (Moviestore) went under soon after acquiring the rights. "Blood Nasty" isn't a hidden gem (well, it is if you like to see Quigley constantly nude). It's a low budget, mildly amusing possession/slasher flick with cheap production value and stupid characters.

Linnea Quigley is the star of the film. Her acting is fun and spirited as usual but her ass is simply AMAZING in "Blood Nasty"! I mean, she's always had a nice butt ("Night of the Demons", anyone?) but damn, it's awe inspiring in this! I was pretty disappointed that Karen Russell ("Murder Weapon") was only in the film for 5 minutes.  She's another hottie who could have helped elevate the film.


The characters in the film aren't likeable, the music score is abysmal, the gore is weak, and the humor in the film (from an over the top trailer trash mother, to a sister who constantly exclaims, "It's all my fault!") is flat. I'll admit, it is somewhat amusing to watch Roy speak with a cheesy Cuban accent when he becomes possessed by Blade...and a scene where a mother tells her son-in-law to "give it to her good, boy" while listening to her daughter moan through the walls was somewhat funny (in a disturbing way).

At the end of the day, I would recommend tracking down a copy just to see Linnea in her prime...and there are definitely worse film on this site. The film had potential (with an interesting concept and zombie slasher) but it's directors weren't creative enough to overcome the cheap production values and lame humor. And with an 80 minute runtime, the film never outlives it's welcome. The version I watched was a VHS import with subtitles.

"Blood Nasty" features a crystal ball, death by baseball bat, a séance, toenail clipping a tongue, Linnea as a sexy cowgirl, a sweaty non-nude sex scene, and death by electric saw.



Tit-O-Meter (in this case, ASS-O-Meter)-5/5











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