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blood harvest-1987

 “Blood Harvest” is a low budget and bizarre slasher starring 60’s singer Tiny Tim.

THE PLOT: Jill returns home to find her parents missing and her home vandalized. The community isn’t happy about her father bankrupting farms. A panty hose faced killer begins slitting the throats of anyone who gets close to Jill. Is the creepy clown Marvelous Mervo (Tiny Tim) the killer?


“Blood Harvest” is your run of the mill slasher with shitty acting and flat direction by sci-fi director Bill Rebane. Tiny Tim, in his first and only “starring role”, is amusing to watch but he isn’t entertaining enough to save the film. Itonia Salchek as Jill spends the majority of her run time topless…which makes up for her abysmal acting. The T&A is solid and is one of the few highlights of the film.


The other highlights are the kills. There aren’t many of them due to the low body count but the throat slashing is done well. The film opens with a man strung up and having his throat slit, a geyser of blood comes pouring out. Another murder in which the killer strips a girl down to her lingerie and hangs her up is also shot and executed effectively. Now if only the rest of the film was as well made and effective…

One of the creepier scenes in “Blood Harvest” involves Jill being chloroformed than tied to the bed post as the killer strips her and takes Polaroid’s. The identity of the killer isn’t hard to piece together and his mask of choice (panty hose) makes him look like a retarded bank robber. Tiny Tim sings the end credits and Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) has a small role as Jill’s boyfriend.


Overall, “Blood Harvest” is a somewhat boring slasher film that features an odd performance by a washed up 60’s actor and a lot of skin from an actress no one ever saw again. For 80’s completists only…or Tiny Tim fans maybe.


“Blood Harvest” features rednecks, prank calls, paint ball, a cat scare, a shower scene, an arrow to the hand, and a lame sting in the tale ending!





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