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black candles-1982

“Black Candles” (aka “Naked Dreams”) is an erotic Spanish horror film with lots of sleaze and bad dubbing.


 THE PLOT: After her brother dies, Carol travels with her husband to visit her recently widowed sister in-law Fiona at her mansion. Carol begins to have nightmares involving sex, infidelity, and a weird, cult orgy. It turns out Fiona and the other guests at the mansion are a coven of Satanists who want Carol and her husband to join.


The Spanish translated title is “The Sexual Rites of the Devil”…a very fitting title for this trashy, eerie, and atmospheric horror flick. “Black Candles” features some trippy camera work, some symbolic imagery, and a whole lot of 80’s bush. The horror elements are merely a back drop for the bizarre eroticism. Both lead actresses (Hela Line and Vanessa Hidalgo) are smoking hot and the film has a creepy musical score. It’s an interesting viewing experience and a well made film. It vaguely reminded me of “Satan’s Mistress”.


The body count is low but what it lacks in death it makes up for in nudity and soft-core porn sex scenes. Hell, there’s even reverse cowgirl in the film…I don’t think I’ve seen that in a horror film! Jose Ramon Larruz (Vampyres) does a fine job of crafting an odd sense of foreboding and shoots the sex scenes with style.


As for the plot, it turns out Carol’s nightmares are actually premonitions of things to come. She and her husband eventually join the coven but the film’s ending is kind of weak. It's a exploitation masterpiece, in my opinion, so I recommend you check this Spanish horror film out!

"Black Candles" features bestiality with a goat, death by voodoo, lesbianism, rape, and some poor bastard who gets a sword shoved up his ass.






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